First lab in tricity to get NABL Accreditation in six disciplines of lab medicine.

CCL has put into place a detailed system of checks at all levels to eliminate possible errors in test reports.

The checks are instituted at the following levels.
  • Accession
  • Sample collection
  • Sample handling & labeling
  • Sample transport
  • Sample preparation and storage
  • Sample dispatch to laboratory for analysis
  • These levels ensure a well organized pre analytical system

  • A dedicated team of trained data entry operators carries out accessioning in LIS
  • Double checking of data entry is done under supervision to ensure zero errors in demographics and registration of sample.
  • All the requisitions are stored in organized manner for reference.
  • Collection centers are directly connected through lease line for ease of accessioning and efficiency.
Sample collection
  • We have a separate section responsible for sample collection. This section is a group of well trained experienced phlebotomists working under the supervision of our customer care department.
  • The samples are collected in vacutainers using sterile technique.
  • The blood collection material and devices required are disposable.
  • Extra care is taken for pediatric and difficult collections.
  • Sample collection manual is made available in sample collection room.
Sample handling & labeling
  • A dedicated team of technicians ensures checking of sample integrity and labeling.
  • To ensure result reliability, acceptance and rejection of sample policies are well defined.
  • Proper labeling ensures correct patients name and unique number generated by computer for the same.
Sample Transport
  • Sample collection manual is made available in sample collection room. The detailed guidelines on sample collection, preparation, storage and transport are mentioned in the same.
  • The most labile analytes are collected only at the main processing laboratory.
  • All the regular samples are transported in cool gel packs in a temperature controlled thermacol box.
  • To maintain integrity of samples the local samples are delivered within 3-4 hours and outstation samples within 8 to 24 hours using cargo or courier mode.
  • Specific thermacol boxes have been designed for transport of samples that have special temperature requirements.
Sample preparation and storage
  • It is mandatory to carry out sample preparation activity as early as possible for efficiency and for maintenance of sample integrity.
  • Serum/Plasma is separated within 30 minutes.
  • Critical/ Labile samples like semen, ESR, NH3 etc, are sent for analysis immediately.
  • Necessary facilities have been given for storing samples at ambient, refrigerated or frozen (Up to- 70°C) conditions. Based on the type of tests requested and depending on nature of analyte, the samples are stored accordingly. However, clinical trial samples are stored as per the requirements given by the sponsor.
Sample dispatch to laboratory for analysis
  • Samples are dispatched to analytical area by trained technicians after primary processing.
  • In analytical area the concerned technician in charge makes sure about the suitability of sample for processing.